Going Greener

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

We all make an imprint on this earth.  Every person, every business. One of our goals is to lesson the environmental impact our business makes on the planet.

Day by day we are striving to sustain the environment by:


  • Use of steam sterilization eliminating the use of harsh chemicals
  • Purchasing often used items (masks, gloves, etc) in bulk to cut down on shipping and packing materials
  • Use of paperless computer charting and record storage
  • Implementation of digital x-rays eliminating the need for film and hazardous developing chemicals
  • Implementation of digital impressions reducing plaster waste


  • Re-using laboratory and shipping boxes
  • Using washable dishes and cutlery in the staff kitchen area
  • Using washable ceramic mugs in our patient refreshment centre
  • Using re-usable safetly glasses


  • Recycling copy paper
  • Use of a medical shredding service that recycles the shredded paper
  • Participates in an instrument recycling program
  • Recycle bins placed in staff lunch room and patient refreshment centre

Our commitment to operate in an environmentally responsible manner is in the best interest of our employees, patients and community.

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